(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
n. base, bottom, footing; hoof, paw; foot soldiers, infantry. —v. t. add [up]; informal, pay for. See support, combatant, payment.
(Roget's IV) n.
1. [A unit of measurement]
Syn. twelve inches, running foot, front foot, board foot, square foot, cubic foot.
2. [End of the leg]
Syn. extremity, pedal extremity, pes (Latin), hoof, paw, pad, heel, sole, arch, instep, toes, dog*, tootsie*, kicker*, trotter*.
3. [A foundation]
Syn. footing, base, bottom, pier; see foundation 2 .
4. [A metrical unit in verse]
Syn. measure, accent, interval, meter, duple meter, triple meter.
Metrical feet include: iamb, dactyl, spondee, trochee, anapest, dipod, amphibrach.
on foot,
Syn. walking, running, hiking, marching; see walking .
on one's feet,
5. standing, erect, vertical; see upright 1 .
6. sound, settled, secure; see established 1 .
on the wrong foot,
Syn. unfavorably, ineptly, incapably, inauspiciously; see awkwardly , wrongly 2 .
put one's best foot forward*,
Syn. do one's best, appear at one's best, try hard; see display 1 , try 1 .
put one's foot down*,
Syn. be firm, act decisively, take a firm stand; see resolve 1 .
put one's foot in it or [m1]in one's mouth*,
Syn. embarrass oneself and others, blunder, be indiscreet; see botch .
under foot,
Syn. on the ground, on the floor, at one's feet, in the way; see disturbing , under 1 .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus) n.
1. extremity hoof, pad, paw, *dog.
2. base bottom, foundation, floor, pedestal.
ANT.: 2. crown, head
(Roget's Thesaurus II) I noun The lowest or supporting part or structure: base1, basis, bed, bottom, footing, foundation, fundament, ground, groundwork, seat, substratum, underpinning (often used in plural). See OVER. II verb 1. To go on foot: ambulate, pace, step, tread, walk. Slang: hoof. Idiom: foot it. See MOVE. 2. To move rhythmically to music, using patterns of steps or gestures: dance, step. Slang: hoof. Idioms: cut a rug, foot it, trip the light fantastic. See REPETITION, WORK. 3. To combine (figures) to form a sum. Also used with up: add (up), cast, sum (up), tot2 (up), total, totalize. See INCREASE.

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, (in brutes), (a stocking, boot, etc.), / , , , (figures), / , , , , (a bill of expenses) / ,

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